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A Great Opportunity to Start Your Personalized Skin Transformation

Many DNA tests cost well over $500. Dr. Harper has shared the SKINSHIFT® DNA Test Kit with thousands of customers at the cost of $299 to get them started on their path to genetically designed skin care. In celebration of her appearance on the "The Doctors," where she was recognized for her contributions to health and beauty, Dr. Harper is making a special offer available to you.

For the month of October, when you order the SKINSHIFT DNA Test Kit for $299, you will also receive a $139 value Starter Pack containing her specially designed cleanser, toner and moisturizer, a $139 value. To obtain this one-time offer, click here.

Invest now in the future of your skin!

"The skin DNA test really got my attention. Dr. Harper’s approach to skin care is individualized with each person and their particular challenges. It is not a one size fits all. The skin care and skin that I have received from Dr. Harper has been like receiving a new lease on life for me."
S. D., SKINSHIFT Believer, 62

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Antioxidant Cleanser

Price $40.00
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SKINSHIFT Antioxidant Cleanser Formula 6.7 ounce bottle.
Rinse toxins away from your skin while hydrating and moisturizing with calming aloe vera, thyme, and tomato extracts. For all skin types.   LEARN MORE >